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Chances are, you’ve slept on a sleeper sofa, hideaway bed, pull out sofa, convertible couch, or hotel torture device. Chances are even higher that you’ve never slept on one quite like the Comfort Sleeper Sofa, from American Leather. Unless you have, in which case, you’re one of the lucky few that made it through the night unscathed by a rogue spring, creaked awake by the sound of a tired frame, or continually battered by a support bar that’s anything less than supportive.

Luckily, a company in Dallas decided to change that, and have made sleeping on a pull out sofa a much dreamier experience.

(You sound skeptical. Don’t be. It’s the real deal.)

There are no bars or springs. Zero!

There is a solid frame on the sofa itself, as well as under the plush foam mattress. It provides the support of a bed frame without the bulk. There’s another plus- it’s easy to transition from sofa to bed. Remove the cushions, pull on two conveniently located handles, and pull up while walking backwards. The spring-loaded interior mechanism gives you some assistance and prevents any annoying resistance. (that rhymed!) Once it’s out, make the bed like normal, fluff your pillows, and prepare to dream of anything but a medieval torture chamber.

We might have fun with our products, and their associated posts, but it’s because we love what we sell. We also live with it! Cameron transformed a small guest room into a super-functional office last summer. Since then, she’s slept on it, her house guests have enjoyed it, and she’s loved having one less bed taking up space that is better served with a sofa.

Let us know how we can make your guest room, office, nursery, bonus room, basement, or living room even more of a sleeping success!

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