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Nestled in the historic district of downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, Fraser Wood Elements opened its doors in the spring of 2014.

Bridging the gap between our vendors and clients.


Local Craftsmanship

Fraser Wood Elements

Today, our store on Carolina Street features an exclusive inventory of individually crafted and locally-made furniture, fireplace mantels, home accessories, and reclaimed flooring. In the showroom, our team of designers assist clients in realizing their dreams for bespoke home furnishings by navigating current design trends and a broad selection of custom materials.

Our 8,000 square foot woodshop, located just a few blocks from our showroom, is where our team of craftsmen make dreams a reality. With years of experience and expertise, they create the highest quality products.

“Cameron and David helped us design and then ultimately build/install a walnut bartop with Chicago railing for our basement bar. Despite a slightly longer lead time than expected, it turned out better than we could have imagined and was definitely worth the wait. We met the guys that actually built the bartop during installation…very skilled guys that made sure we were completely satisfied before they left the house. Fraser also built and installed a desktop for an office that equally matched the bartop quality-wise. Overall a great experience and we’d definitely use Fraser again for future projects.”


Skip Cox, Google 5-Star Review

Handpicked & Handmade

Our Process

​Fraser Wood Elements designs and fabricates many of the natural wood products in our showroom. The result of a meticulous, detailed process, each piece has its own distinct character. Our experience and expertise ensure that our handpicked, handmade products exhibit the same consistent quality expected from the Fraser name.



Many of our days begin with early mornings in the pick-up truck, traveling across the state of Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region to visit our suppliers. A thorough search is important in finding the best lumber and reclaimed wood, and often requires sifting through piles and piles of materials for the best pieces. We’re also always keeping an eye out for other reclaimed warehouse and industrial materials, which often contrast well with the natural wood. It’s tough, demanding work, but handpicking the wood allows us to ensure the final result is of the finest quality.

Searching far and wide for the best quality wood allows us to produce the highest quality work possible.



Once we have the right wood pieces for the right product, preparation begins. Measurements are taken many times over, and initial cuts are planned and marked. The slabs of wood are pre-milled and planed closer to a final shape. During this phase, Fraser Wood Elements also takes into careful consideration the natural grain patterns and color consistency of the wood, and how they will appear in the finished product.

On many products, we combine the beauty of natural wood with reclaimed industrial and warehouse materials.



Now things are beginning to come together. Measurements are confirmed and the prepared slabs of wood are cut to plan. Joints are also cut, and once the pieces are ready a dry assembly is conducted to ensure a level stance and proper fit. Any accent metals or materials are also measured and marked for fabrication. Once complete, the product is then completely sanded for a soft and smooth texture.

All of our custom wood pieces are made in our workshop that’s located just a few miles from our showroom.



Once assembled, it’s time to add a healthy coat of finish. We select a shade that will best compliment that natural beauty of the wood. The finish can be applied by hand, or with a brush for larger pieces. It often takes numerous coatings to ensure an even, thorough application. After drying, the product is thoroughly inspected from top to bottom.

Fraser Wood Elements is helping keep alive an increasingly rare art of quality, handmade American products.


designer and builder program

From fine dining restaurants to retail environments to professional office settings, natural wood attracts attention and draws the eye. Wood products accent any existing aesthetic, while still offering the durability necessary and sought after for daily usage. Fraser Wood Elements has completed a number of commercial projects, including:

  • Restaurant tables and chairs
  • Conference tables
  • Custom bars and countertops
  • Booth seating
  • Reclaimed wood flooring

Our woodshop is fully-staffed and always prepared to meet the demanding needs of commercial jobs. Browse our selection of wood products for the business below.

For assistance or for more information regarding our commercial woodworking, please visit our store or contact us.

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The Fraser Team




South Carolina born and raised, David moved to Fredericksburg after completing his business degree at The College of Charleston, marrying his beautiful wife and starting a family. His passion for wood comes from experience garnered in the heart of downtown Charleston, selling reclaimed flooring and features. Today, he enjoys appearances in the store, making sawdust in the wood shop, spending time with lifelong friends and, as always, his family. As a small business owner, he appreciates the little things- moments with customers who have become friends, as well as philanthropic organizations that further his view for his new hometown. 



Lead Designer & Manager

Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an appreciation for handmade items was instilled at an early age. With a knowledge born from a deeper understanding of what goes into a piece of furniture, designing custom items was a logical next step. Extensive retail experience, combined with an eye for design, has created an enjoyment and passion to find the perfect fit for each customer. Being able to follow current trends, while remaining true to traditional building methods is an important aspect of being the Lead Designer and Manager of Fraser Wood Elements. She graduated from Lynchburg College in 2011 and moved to Fredericksburg in 2012. When she’s not working, Cameron enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, Kramer. Travel is a passion, but living, and working, downtown has created more of a reason to stay near home.




Calling Warrenton, Virginia his hometown, Chris is the newest addition to the Fraser team. He started working in the store part-time in 2016 and has since been training to be a woodworker in the shop, while continuing to make an appearance, occasionally, on Caroline Street. Artisanal work runs in his family- from woodworking to cooking, he has always been surrounded by the idea of taking raw material and increasing it’s value by putting the right amount of effort into it. His viewpoint is that with the right vision, execution and a little bit of sweat, anything is possible. He graduated from Mary Washington University in the spring of 2017, with a degree in Philosophy. When he’s not working, he likes spending time with his dog Emre, making pottery, and hanging out with friends and family in the area.




Everett was born and raised here in Fredericksburg, and grew up in a family full of artisans. He remembers going to his grandfathers workshop when he was little and creating one of his first projects with him, which was a bird house, ever since then Everett has not stopped creating and working with his hands. In 2017 he graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Industrial Design and a minor in fine arts. Furniture design and furniture making is Everett’s passion and being able to see something created from nothing is what is important to him. When he is not covered in sawdust, Everett enjoys catching up with old friends, hiking through the mountains, and traveling to new places.




Gabby started wood working in high school on sets with her dad for the school play. To further her interest in theatrical works, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with her B.A. in scenic design. After she graduated she landed a job building theatre and television sets for the Washington, D.C. area. While at VCU she fell in love with woodworking and wanted to explore more by taking furniture technique classes. She uses all of these skills to create new ideas by designing and building tables, boxes, and other trinkets in her free time for her family and friends. When she’s not in the shop, she enjoys researching ways to create new things, playing board games, and spending time with her wife and dogs.

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