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As far as features go, Reclaimed Mushroom Wood is a Fraser favorite!

Made up of Hemlock, Cypress, or other soft woods, the boards are former bins from mushroom farms! The soft wood is a food source for mushrooms during their growth process. They possess a unique enzyme that eats away at the soft grain and leaves the harder wood behind. It’s an organically sculpted finish and cannot be replicated by machinery! With it’s warm caramel tones, and character-filled knots, each board is truly one of a kind.

We love attaching Reclaimed Mushroom Wood to a wall as an eye-catching feature, using it to build barn doors, wrapping unsightly structural beams, or using the scraps for picture frames and coat racks. Regardless of the job, it performs every time! With lengths between 8 and 12 feet, and a width of around 8″, the look can be modern or rustic. Left raw or treated with a stain- the possibilities are nearly endless! It’s a DIY dream, since the boards have a visually pleasing front and back, are flat, sturdy, and can be used in numerous applications!

For the month of February, only, we’re offering 25% off this awesome product! Don’t be left in the dark during this sale! And don’t worry, if mushroom wood isn’t the best fit for your space or project, we will have a select number of products at a promotional price!