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Options: Reclaimed or live edge all finished in wax
Lengths: Cut to specific lengths when choosing from our mantel rack and custom options are available

When considering a mantel, please note the following steps to select the right one.

In order to determine the length of the mantel, determine if the the mantel is going to separate materials.  An example of this application would be if stone or brick used for the lower section and wood or drywall is above. We like to use the mantel to run the entire length so it completely separates the two different materials.  Another scenario is if the same material is used from floor to ceiling, inset the mantel 3-4 inches from the ends. This will allow the wall material to be seen as a continuous product.

To determine the thickness, measure your height from floor to ceiling. Usually, if 8 feet or less and you have a raised hearth or floor hearth we would suggest a 2-4″ thick mantel maximum. If you have a taller ceiling like a cathedral, we would suggest a thicker mantel like 4-8″ thick face. Always use blue painters tape as your best friend to get a visual of thickness and length.

Our mantels vary in color due to the European wax that we put on our mantels. To upkeep them we suggest applying the wax that matches your mantel after each season. of use.  This can be done with a 3″ wide chip brush with the bristles cut down to about 3/4 of an inch or 0000 steel wool. Less is more with wax and be buffed with the 0000 steel wool or a cotton rag.

Also, note all of our mantels have been kiln fired. If you get a mantel that has been newly sawn, less than 2 years of air dry, there is a possibility that major cracking and twisting can occur.

Lastly, attaching a mantel to a wall there are several options: 12″ galvanized lags, rebar, newel post locks or a custom metal bracket. We have had success with and offer the first three here at the store. The major benefit with the newel post lock is that the mantel can be taken with you if you move from your present location and your mantel is not surrounded and inset into brick or stone.

Mantels are in stock at our store located at 1023 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA or check them out online.

We look forward to helping you with your mantel in the future!


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